**Teen Court will be in session September 1, 2016

Turning Point


All misdemeanor offenders involved in the Teen Court Program receive a mandatory sanction of attending educational classes that are held the first three weekends of the month. These classes involve education in the following areas:

Substance Abuse

  • Legal aspects of substance abuse
  • Physiological aspects of substance abuse
  • Sociological aspects of substance abuse
  • Effect and possible outcomes of alcohol and drug use
  • Scope of the drinking and using illicit and prescription drugs
  • The history/origin of alcohol and other drugs
  • The effects of substance use on family and friends
  • Alternate plans/strategies to using alcohol and other drugs

Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

  • The objective of the Anger Management/Conflict Resolution course is to evaluate behavior intentions to develop behavior change. By careful examination of the meaning and role or emotion, participants are equipped to use cognitive behavior examination to promote anger reduction and resolve conflict.

Faulty Thinking

  • To improve awareness of the thought patterns which produce dire decisions and bad opinions. Faulty Thinking is an evidence based curriculum that addresses 9 key logical errors and fallacies. By addressing thought patterns, the participant is equipped with a real gauge of responsibility and positive attitude changes. This curriculum is targeted at juveniles ages 10-18 and written on a level which is easy to comprehend, encourages participation and discussion and comprehensive enough to address a broad range of issues.
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